Verisign acquires the Weblogs.Com ping server

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Confusingly, the news about Verisign buying from Dave Winer hit the wires at about the same time as the news about AOL buying the blog network (referred to in the Times simply as “Weblogs”) from Jason Calacanis. I hope this isn’t Bubble 2.0!
Congratulations to Dave for finding a stable home for an essential piece of the blogosphere’s infrastructure. Having invented it and nurtured its growth, Dave must be a proud papa to see yet another one of his inventions leave the nest.
I don’t personally love
Verisign, but at least they’ve got the bandwidth to maintain the service. Apparently they have “declared war on splogs.” It will be interesting to see what directions they take it in.

MIT weblog survey results one month overdue

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Come on, guys. I’ve been checking your site daily since September 1:

The survey has officially ended, and we are tabulating the results. They should be posted by September 1, 2005, so please check back soon!
Thank you for your support, and we will be posting the results shortly.
MIT Weblog Survey Team
August 19, 2005

If it’s taking longer than you expected to tabulate or whatever, that’s fine, but at least post an update with accurate information. Or have you learned nothing yet about timely date-stamped updates to web pages?