AmphetaDesk-to-MT hack details

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Ask and ye shall receive (thank you, o lazyweb): Andrew Bayer provides the first draft of his AmphetaDesk-to-MT hack in a post responding to my previous entry (which he, yes, saw in his aggregrator and cross-posted to his blog).
I think the blockquoting convention Andrew added is an improvement! I wish Radio used something similar by default. We’d say fewer commentless clone posts, or at least we’d have a bit more context on those sites.
Here’s Andrew’s wishlist for future improvements of the AD-MT bridge:

I’ll tidy it up soon, and try to work it into the template better. I had to massage the title and description to deal with HTML issues, not surprisingly (I’m sure there’s gotchas I’ve missed so far)…. I’m thinking I might be able to hook into MT to get the configuration information used to generate a bookmarklet and build an AmphetaDesk template based on that.