Autosubscribe: protocol or MIME-type approach

Pete Hopkins and other are debating the best way to enable newsreaders (aggregators) to autosubscribe to RSS feeds directly from the browser. Some, like Pete, prefer the idea of a new news:// protocol for web browsers. The other favored approach is to specify a new MIME type.
I’m saying, let’s do both and get at least one approach implemented in each newsreader.






One response to “Autosubscribe: protocol or MIME-type approach”

  1. Scot Hacker Avatar

    I don’t like this idea of a using a variant of news:// because we’re not dealing with a new protocol here. RSS is served over http on port 80. RSS works over the web. It provides another view of websites that already exist. It isn’t something different, like ftp:// or news:// . Same port, same protocol.
    The MIME approach is the right one, IMO, combined with an agreed-upon standard location on the server, similar to favicon.ico.