Bashing SF/NY/LA getting tired

Gawker has published another round of SF sucks/no it doesn’t. It’s kind of a weird obsession, and somehow it seems related to the dashed dreams of the dotcom crash.
Growing up in New York, we never even thought about any other cities. We took for granted that we were at the center of the world. Maybe it’s when you move there that you need to come up with lists of why it’s cool and convince yourself that this isn’t just a phase and you won’t be moving to the suburbs someday or back to your parents’ house.
Then there’s the “just kidding” ploy, as in “have you no sense of humor?” Whatever.
I’m used to SF expressing its inferiority complex and displaying that weak-newspaper boosterism but it’s a little embarassing hearing it emanating from New York.
The cool thing about America and the Internet is that you can live wherever you want. Stop worrying what other people think about your home, already!