Blogger summit

Heady company last night at Barney’s and Coyote. Marc Canter brought his whole family (check out Chris Pirillo’s video footage). Pirillo and the lovely the talented Gretchen came with the whole Gnometourage. Ev showed up after dinner (and pow-wowed with Dave about the metaweblog API and other matters).
Tara Sue, it turns out, is a hottie. In fact, the female/male ratio was way better than I was expecting, and the pulchritude of the women definitely brought up the overall average, given the general cruftiness of us geek males.
I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot of names (who is the fellow behind, who Dave kept calling the “meme guy” and people kept saying, “Why is he mean” about? oh, right, James Hong), but there’s a pretty thorough list at Pirilloville (hey, I don’t see Chris’s new handwriting font there for some reason), and I’m amazed I didn’t realize I was in the presence of Tantek and Hoopty!
Jake Savin slagged himself for not posting much lately. Also, Dave told me I haven’t been posting much lately. I told him I have been. He says he clicks on my blog’s name when he sees it at, but hasn’t been seeing it up there much. Maybe we’re just keeping different hours? I’m rarely up at 5 am.
Scoble pulled the whole thing together and took a lot of ribbing from Dave with good humor. Winer says Scoble can’t go ten minutes without telling a story about Bill Gates. Speaking of Gates, Pirillo told us how he smells (apparently like slightly watered down Old Spice).
There was a lot of geek talk about computers and digital cameras and other gadgetry, as well as some talk of blogging and personal data management and stuff like that. Some people smoked but they kept it away from Dave.
Raines Cohen came from the east bay in his fabulous little purple electric car, admired by one and all, including the drunk guy who had to break off in the middle of some incoherent neverending thought to exclaim, “That’s my bus” and start booking down the street into the night.
Like I said, I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot, but I’m glad I went. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow.