Blogware malfunctions?

For some reason a few automated processes I rely on for my blogging are failing me today.
First, when I post to a Movable Type blog and include a link to another Movable Type blog, I expect MT to “autodiscover” the ping URL for the linked post and automatically send a Trackback ping. It’s worked that way before and I’m pretty sure I haven’t changed my preferences. But just now I posted to A Meme List with a link to the birdhouse and no Trackback ping was sent. Sure, I went to Scot’s blog, clicked the TB link for the post I was commenting on, copied the TB URL, went back to MT, edited the last post, manually entered (OK, pasted) the Trackback URL, and saved the edited post, but isn’t the point of autodiscovery that I shouldn’t have to do all that?
Then, over here in Radio land, I rely on my multiauthor tool to pick up posts from my other blogs that show up in my news aggregator and automatically post them to my x-syndicate category, where I can promote them to the home page and otherwise categorize them at my leisure if I so choose. But this morning I saw my last night’s post to X-POLLEN show up just fine in my aggregator but for whatever reason it has not been autoposted to my RFB syndication category.
I have no idea why this would suddenly fail to work, but it means more tedious manual transcription for me, and it may mean the same thing when the meme post shows up on the next hourly check.
It’s all very odd.