Burgers and ho's

As promised, I’m going to post my photos from the Scoble-rific burger dinner and drinks event from Saturday night. I’ve discarded the worst shots but IANAP, so the remaining ones still kinda suck, at least some of them do. Apologies in advance for people caught blinded by the flash or otherwise washed out or turning their head some silly-looking way.
Here are some thumbs (with alt text, natcherly) that link to larger images:

Pirillo shooting video, me with no flash
I am curious,
Pirillo shooting video, me shooting him, this time with flash
I am curious,

Marc peruses the menu
Marc Canter looks for an Atkins-friendly option (he and Chris Pirillo talked about starting a group blog for low-carb people).

Scoble on cell
Scoble makes a phone call

lively conversation at the big table
The Big Table
OK, I recognize Chris, Gretchen, and Dave. I’m drawing a blank on the other names…

tracking shot of both tables
A view of both tables… more names to fill in

count the conversations
Multiconversation multitasking

what song is it you want to hear?
Dave wanted us to sing a song. I suggested ‘Freebird’. That went over like a lead balloon. We never sang anything.

so this is a hoegarden
Out in the hoegarden behind Coyote, it looks like Chris must have said something amusing or bemusing

here's why you need to support the metaWeblog API, Ev
Sadly, this is the best shot I got of the meeting of the minds (Dave and Ev). I knew it wasn’t great but that flash was plain annoying. Pirillo got a much sweeter shot, visible from his blog.

Gnome-girl (Cheyenne) and Tantek (thanks for the ID, Gretchen), and Lori (right?), looking hip

cool cats
The same folks, looking cool

say chery pez!
Amy and her new friend, Lynn, whom we assimilated

is that really me?
I avenge the other attendees with this horrible self-portrait

a nice crowd
The party gets another center of gravity when Raines arrives (that’s Tara Sue in the back up there)

what's so funny?
Someone said something that made Ev laugh.

smiles all around
More happy smiles from Dave, Scoble, and Simon Fell