Been geeking around on a PC again. Borrowed a Dell for an upcoming documentation project and been bidding on Thinkpad’s on ebay for another project. (Found out I’m going to be working with Molly on the project I can’t talk about yet, which is cool!)
So after I wondered about using my new camera part-time as a webcam, I remembered that I own a Logitech cam that was gathering dust because of nonexistent OS X support. But since I have this Dell machine just sitting here, I plugged it in, got the driver, downloaded some freeware, and started streaming an image called x-cam.jpg to my server. Then, since I recently copied the golden boy image over on the x-ism experimental textpattern blog, I figured maybe my personal blog could use that real-time ‘ere I am J.H. warts and all circa 1997 cam view, maybe with a clever caption once I think of one.
It’s very home page-y and not very bloggy because it’s just streaming out there like old time live TV with no backup or archiving.
Don’t know how long it will last. Sorry about the backlighting.