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  • Ready fedi?

    Ready fedi?

    As I get more into this fediverse thing I want to start trying to wean my photos off of Instagram / Bookface and my videos off of YouTube / same. Just as Mastodon is an open federated microblogging service akin to Twitter, Pixelfed and Peertube and federated photo and video services. Just so, I have…

  • Migration


    After reactivating the Mastodon account I provisioned in 2019 over at mstdn.social, I started noticing that that instance, well managed and moderated as it is, is a larger one, getting bigger all the time, and it was starting to throw errors. They say to build the fediverse out and not up, so I started exploring…

  • This thing on?

    If I did this right, then my blog is now on the Fediverse at @xian@mediajunkie.com — do the double at signs bother any else? @@

  • Farewell to my gmail address

    Gmail is dead. Long live google apps for my domain mail.

  • Comparing hosting options

    There is a very real prospect that the sweet sweet deal the Mediajunkie publishing empire has had these many years with Tiedrich and associates may need to replaces by something inevitably not half so sweet. What this means is that I may need to find a new host for my multiple and various web experiments.…

  • Slow blogging ahead, or behind?

    Yeah, what she said: FringeHog: In Praise of Slow Blogging. Or is it a he? There’s no byline and several authors for the site. Whatever. Also, should I get an OLPC (one laptop per child) XO laptop in the buy one / donate one program? They look like they might be a great conference tool.…