Category rundown

Here’s a list of the existing categories, with some explanation about their intended purposes or ultimate disposition:

Above the Fold
This is an obsolete category whose entries are destined to be exported from this blog and imported into my Above the Fold weblog, which is intended as a weekly column on web design and development to help promote my computer books.
This category covers the blogosphere as a whole, debates ranging among various weblogs, and services – such as technorati – that analyze blogistan as an aggregrated information source.
Book News
This is another obsolete category that I plan to eliminate eventually, dating to when I was using RFB to promote by books.
Collaboration and Community
This is a category for discussing social software, k-logs, and other ways people use the Internet and weblogs to collaborate or form communities. It coulduse a pithier name.
Tips on customizing your weblog using various tools – adding blogrolls, tweaking permalink formats, etc.
Another obsolete category to be removed.
Coverage of the whole weblogs vs. trad journalism, weblogs-as-journalism, journalists as bloggers, etc. stuffs.
A place to note idea-viruses that occasionally take the blogopshere by storm.
Tips and techniques for migrating weblog entries from one product to another.
Like it sounds, a catch-all. Used sometimes for RFB administrivia too.
Coverage of weblogs as a publishing platform, as with Nick Denton’s miniempire of Gawker, Gizmodo, Fleshbot, etc. Sometimes I discuss RFB stuff in this category too, when I consider RFB as an example of a nanopublishing experiment.
Warblogs and other political discussions carried out on blogs (commentary on John Edwards posting at Larry Lessig’s blog would go here, for example).
Product-specific tips and information: Blogger news, Radio complaints, MT and TypePad tips, etc.
Required Reading
This category needs cleaning but it’s intended as a best-of and may eventually have its items listed in a sidebar. Both most popular entries and those we consider really crucial.
Salon Bloggers
Formerly Salonika, a place to discuss the Salong Blogs community and to put items linking to Salon bloggers, particularly when they don’t get filed elsewhere.
Blogs used as a narrative medium, as with Plan B (the webnovel) or Gang Stories, etc.
RSS and other syndicated formats, aggregators, and so on. Atom can be discussed here (but also in migration).
Weblog concepts
Here’s where basic weblog ideas are presented and discussed. Something of a catch-all but not as generic as Miscellany – used to be called “metablog”

What else? Ideally, a post should be given just one category, or as few as possible when more than one is clearly called for.
Category to-do items:

  1. Each category needs a written description
  2. Each category should be pingable and we should promote that fact.
  3. Templates for each category archive need to include the description, incoming pings, and information on how to ping.

Questions? Complaints? Suggestions?
Note: since it’s just us here, I’ve turned off comments by default. Generally just follow up qwith a new entry of your own.