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  • Welcome, Camilo!

    Loyal readers of this weblog may have noticed that we haven’t exactly kept up with the original three-to-seven posts a day pace that I first established in that heady summer of 2002. I’ve been busy with my new job and my other blogs and my other contributors have their own blogs and pursuits distracting them…

  • Liza, let's flip the switch

    Let’s update the modules and flip over to your awesome design and then ask readers to beta test it for us on their browsers? I want to get all the Mediajunkie blogs up to the best possible standards of 2.661 installs, and then think seriously about MT 3.0 vs. WordPress vs. Scoop vs. Drupal. I’m…

  • Editorial discussion imported

    OK, I think I got everything. Assuming it looks OK, I’ll be deleting the separate editorial blog soon. In the meantime, to catch up on the conversations of Blogistan’s contributors, load up the Editorial category page.

  • My new book project

    Today, my publisher approved a book I’m going to write between now and next March tentatively to be called The Power of Many with a subtitle of something like How Craigslist, Howard Dean, and are changing the ways we connect. As with my canceled blog book, I am hoping to do this book in…

  • Radio Free Malkovich

    Malkovich Malkovich

  • RFB badge

    Hey, look at the left column of this blogorrhea blog. There is a kinda cool badge for RFB that I guess the blog owner made?