Clark pumpkin templates

update circa late 2004: with autumn upon us, a lot of people appear to be dropping by to read this entry on Clark Pumpkin Templates from late 2003.
1. Welcome!
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OK, them’s the plugs. Now on with “Clark Pumpkin Templates” — an Edgewise Classic….
I don’t want to be too harsh here. And I should say up front that I’m still intrigued by Clark’s candidacy.
But these pumpkin templates they’re pitching on the Clark04 site are just plain goofy.
Scroll down and gasp at pictures of real, live (OK, probably dead) Clark pumpkins. Look closely.
One of them features a sign that reads “pumpkins for Clark.”
Now I’ll stipulate that carving goofy pumpkins can be a great way to make friends.
(And if you disagree, just look at this.)
But even so, and still, and furthermore:
Makes you wonder if someone in the Clark campaign might be just a few pumpkin seeds shy a full packet of pumpkin seeds. If you know what I mean.