Different flavors of wikiNature?

Responding to Bill de Hora’s suggestion that the Echo Project wiki lacks wikiNature, Joe of Joe’s Java counters that there are good reasons why the project wiki differs from wikis that are designed as evolving collaborative knowledge repositories (The EchoWiki is different from the C2 Wiki, and for good reason…):

The EchoWiki is using the wiki not as a collaboration to produce a cross-indexed encyclopedia of practices or patterns, but a specification. Its goal is not its own existence. Its goal is a target document that will be culled together from its pages. One page in that wiki will eventually have the clean spec and will be refactored to remain clean. A few other support pages will also be cleaned up as documentation and clarification of the spec. I would envision that the spec will have a single, locked page for its official version, then a copy that gets edited until it itself is locked and versioned.

I’m fairly new to the wikiWorld, but this distinction makes good sense to me.