Earl King, R.I.P.

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Speaking of Earl King, I was sad to read this obituary for Earl King one of the great New Orleans guitarists. (Times userid: mediajunkie, password: mediajunkie)
Most famous outside of NO (and best compensated for) Jimi Hendrix’s cover (as “Let the Good Times Roll”) of his “Come On,” and for the Mardi Gras standard “Big Chief,” especially the Professor Longhair version on which he sang and whistled.
Because of our annual pilgrimages, I’ve had the pleasure of hearing King play, at one point with Snooks Eaglin, no less. As my flight (tomorrow) nears my excitement and anticipation grow.
Plus I just noticed that if I’m willing to stake out a seat in the Jazz tent all day this Sunday I will get to hear Ornette Coleman again!