Exit-polling myself

Because I don’t really trust the Diebold voting machine that assured me that my vote this morning had been counted but gave me no receipt and is – as far as I can tell – unaudited and vulnerable to tampering, I’ll put my votes on record here.
I voted No on the recall. I’ve never been that great a supporter of Davis, because he doesn’t seem to stand for much, but I don’t anticipate any improvements from Schwarzenegger.
I voted for Bustamante because he is the next in line in the party that won the last election, and I do not wish to see the recall strategists succeed. (I have more sympathy for the populist recall action-movie fans, who may not know any better.)
I voted No on Prop 53 because a big part of the state’s budget problem is micromanagerial spending mandates like these (and like the schools proposition Schwarzenegger supported in the last election as his toe-in-the-water electoral gambit) chipping away at the discretionary part of the budget.
I voted No on Prop 54 because – like so many of Ward Connerly’s initiatives – it is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, hiding behind popuiar concepts such as privacy and legitimate ideals like that of the colorblind society we all hope to live in someday.