Fixing the Savvy homepage

The last time the hackers came through they replaced a lot of the index pages of a lot of my sites. After we wiped my server and started over from scratch with a more robust security regime, I still had to replace the missing pages. Most of them were backed up on my production Mac on local sites already set up in Dreamweaver, so I just republished the pages for most of them.
For the blog-based homepages I usually just reposted the top link or otherwise refreshed the page. My MT blogs are back too (“start the presses!”), by the way. The problem was a matter of permissions on the mySQL database tables.
All this spring cleaning has given me some time to reflect on the organization of my sites and a chance to move a little more in the direction of unity and simplicity and away from the multiplicity of brands, blogs, sites, and half-baked projects I’ve spawned all off my little Linux box. One decision I made (finally!) was to merge the fireweaver blog with the Dreamweaver Savvy home page (which I never liked).
The first thing I did was just point the virtual host entry at the root, where the blog page was already the only thing going on. Right away, though, I started getting email from readers who, of course, could no longer find the book-specific links promised in the pages of the book, and instead could find only my vaguely web design-and-development related posts to RFB, anthologized as fireweaver.
So now I’ve gone and reopened the old source pages and tried to copy over the relevant items into the fireweaver home template in Radio. Posting this entry should refresh the page, enabling navigation to the other Dreamweaver Savvy site pages (sparse as they are, and still sporting that ugly old design too), access to errata and corrections, and links to the Yahoo! discussion group we have for the book.

UPDATE: Well, I got into a little problem with symbolic links there, and I was upstreaming to the old relative folder location, but I’ve worked those things out and fully specified the links so I’m reposting this to see if it does the trick.