Forgive the mess here

Apologies for the butt-ugly design choices visible right now here at X-POLLEN. I’m trying to track down a CSS (style sheet) error, and it helps me visualize the various design blocks to give them distinct colors and ugly borders.
Maybe you can help. The problem is in the left two-thirds (links) area of the page. The banner (across the top) and what Movable Type calls the content div (the main area taking up the right two-thirds of the page below the banner) are working more or less as intended. I’ll be tweaking the colors soon, but the various boxes appear where I expect them to with the propertiies I’ve given them.
It’s over on the left where something is wrong. The whole links panel is supposed to show the same background color as the content area (as around the search box), but it’s showing me a whie background right now. It’s also supposed to have a dotted border, I think, and that’s not visible either. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?






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  1. Scot Hacker Avatar

    I’m not seeing the white area, either with IE or Safari, and I do see dotted borders in both browsers.
    IE/Mac is a terrible browser to work on CSS in, because it caches stylesheets and won’t let go. You have to quit it and relaunch to see changes. If you get it right in Chimera and Safari, you can pretty much count on IE to do the right thing though.
    Your comments pages (that I’m typing in) do have white background though.