Home page frozen? Sheesh!

Hmm, well it seems my foray into #upstreaming may have somehow resulted in my home page not updating properly. I’m not sure why that would be, but posts to the home page today that can be accessed via category and date index pages (such as Deadline City and Test of Archipelago) are not showing up on the home page, which means I must have screwed something up when I started the new category at the Salon Radio Community Server site (or it’s a cacheing problem and a coincidence, who knows?)
Also, it appears that for a while I was streaming the RSS file for the new 0001111 category to the address of the main RFB news feed, another embarassing goof.
In good administrivia news, I think I should now be able to make the old RSS file send out an update notice for the new RSS address, automatically updating anyone still subscribing to the old RSS address.
All ist klar, herr kommisar?
(Note: this is basically a fillibuster post for the purpose of sending a new entry to the home page to test and see what happens. But, really, sheesh, give me that ol’ time FTP religion any day.)
UPDATE: I’ve temporarily turned off upstreaming to the new 0001111 category (actually, what I did was take the # off the front of the upstream.xml file, which makes the subcat upstream to a subdirectory of the main site: http://radiofreeblogistan.com/categories/0001111, which is useless, but also harmless). I’m doing this to see if it removes whatever was interfering with normal upstreaming of the home page to the root of the main site. Reposting this entry is a way of testing that.