Hosting does matter

My aggregrator was filled this morning with discussions of blogging outages across the political spectrum (from right-wing to far-right-wing… just kidding), starting with CalPundit and on down. Dean Esmay had the scoop as far as I could tell.

Metafilter now has this summary:

Last night Hosting Matters (and their related resellers) was taken down by a DoS attack attributed to Al-Qaeda. This attack not only disabled the intended target but took down some 3000 sites for a significant period of time. Is this an example of cyber-terrorism or some kid with a script? [MetaFilter]

I suspect this “attack from al-Qaeda” will tend to rally the already, shall we say, enthusiastic Little Green Football readership. Laptop bombardiers should get a thrill from the near encounter with evil incarnate.

I think it’s interesting how many political blogs are hosted by the same service (and not one of the blog-software-provided hosts, either). Then again, I host my own sites and was vandalized repeatedly by the so-called Saudi Vieruz crew (the spelling was inconsistent), till we finally wised up and hardened the target.