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  • How to criticize Obama as a terrible negotiator

    If Obama’s opening position is too close to the expected split-the-difference middle, point out that he is caving and that the deal will be too far to the right. If Obama’s opening position is much further to the left (including, say, a public option or a permanent solution to the debt-ceiling b.s.), say that he […]

  • Meg Whitman is a biter

    Tipped off by my old buddy and collaborator Levi Asher, I learned that Meg Whitman and her as-told-to coauthor do in fact favor recycling, at least when it comes to book titles: Since I own the domain called thepowerofmany.com, I’m thinking about redirecting it somewhere interesting at least through election day. Any suggestions? via (Twitter […]

  • What was the Watergate scandal?

    Another in my new series of longwinded Aardvark answers made public, in this case answering a question about U.S. history from a 19 year-old in New York State: “What was the watergate scandal?” Here’s my answer. (How’d I do?*): Watergate is the name of a famous hotel in Washington, D.C. where a lot of political […]

  • Too risky!

    Looks like Jay Smooth has decoded the McCain ad strategy: (via Vivirlatino via Jenternational)

  • Get Your War On says time for us to come together

    to kill all the bankers and steal their money:

  • A message to you, Rudy

    Since Rudy Giuliani is running for president of 9/11, WFMU is running a remix contest encouraging people to put together tracks using his incessant invocation of that day (when his command center proved to be so ill-placed): > Here’s over two minutes of wall to wall September Eleventh’s, courtesy of America’s mayor. Your mission: turn […]