Iggy, the Stooges, and Watt

Thanks to shacker I just noticed that Mike Watt is playing bass with a Stooges reunion in SF this December:

iggy pop + the stooges watt gets the incredible honor of adding bass to the lendary team of iggy and the asheton brothers in some re-ignited stooge fury!

friday, december 12
part of the not so silent night at the bill graham civic auditorium
99 grove st.
san francisco, ca
(415) 974-4016

I’m already thinking of seeing Watt with Banyan this Saturday (Nov. 29, show starts at 10) at the Great American (859 O’Farrell St., SF, 415 885-0750).
(Mike Watt is on my very short “always try to see ’em” list.)






3 responses to “Iggy, the Stooges, and Watt”

  1. Adam Danger Avatar
    Adam Danger

    “Must see” in SF ain’t what it is elsewhere.
    Acoustic Hot Tuna is coming to the Lebanon (NH) Opera House on 12/6. Weighing the merits of heading to the show (excellent seats still available) vs. staying home and getting wasted. Hmm.
    If I go, I have to bring the kid. I mean, I get to bring the kid.
    Now that I think about it, we should go. Fuck The Nutcracker. It will be back next year. Who knows how long Jorma will be around?

  2. Mike Avatar

    I read on hootpage in the news update of dec 1 that:

    I have to let you all know that the stooges gig in s.f. for december 12th has now been changed to an “iggy and the trolls” show so ron, scotty and myself won’t be there to help ig out. I got some great stooges news though about playing overseas – looks like tokyo on march 19, 2004 and osaka the next night!


  3. shoister Avatar

    I’m wondering what to do with my stooge fury after contemplating
    this image.
    Iggy seems… different some how.