Insert bathroom joke here

Jeff Green, who’s been on a roll lately, has some choice words for us about iLoo. I suggest he go back and read my “Information pooper-highway” entry from The Internet Dictionary (Sybex, 1994, now sadly out of print).
Weirdly, just a few weeks ago I was riffing with another friend about the idea of putting web browsers above urinals in men’s rooms. We quickly realized that no one would want to touch the touch screen, so I figured maybe the urinal itself could be used as a mousepad/tablet type thing for that built in “pointing device.” Sure enough, not a week or so later, bOingbOing and the Reverse Cowgirl were covering a supposedly real invention along just those lines. Is the circuit from crazy joke to idiot investment really closing to such a tiny recursive feedback loop? Is it mass hypnosis? The zeitgeist? I’m going to grab the New York Times and go think about it for a while on the john.