Insert clever pun on 'power law'

Notes need links, syntax:
What is the exact power? (kottke’s model)
Has this number changed? Does it change? Is it changing?
If so, what is it approaching?
If so, is shape changing to become closer to L or \? (I suspect L)
If so, then there are really two categories, verticals and horizontals
with an unstable region.
If your goal is to become vertical, fight like made to get to that middle otherwise, enjoy the horiztonal blogging and marvel when the rapture hits any one individual and they essentially ascend from blogging (horizontal) and become media outlet
As with US economy, “middle” (class) is an elusive concept
Even the fixes to technorati at best hasten the fitting of the people to their “proper” “deserved” “earned” “market-determined” place on the curve.
(x-ref ross mayfield’s work supporting the three types theory)
Is movement possible? Of course!
Is it harder to get to the middle
(of course it gets harder to get to vertical)
Is any of this a reason not to blog?