Limpet pools of NetNewsWire subscriptions

The Ranchero news blog mentions that Dave Taylor has written a small C app called Limpet that generates an OPML file of NetNewsWire’s subscriptions. Doesn’t NNW’s export feature do the same thing? Maybe the difference is automation? I’m actually having trouble synching my NNW and Radio aggregator subscriptions.

I tried exporting my subs from NNW (I’m posting from that program right now), and then manually adding the entries from the OPML file to my Radio subscriptions, sorting, and pruning the duplicates. Problem is, Radio still doesn’t “see” the entries I added. No idea why.

Over on the PC side, I’m testing FeedDemon, which is a slick little newsreader if I’ve ever seen one. All it needs is a posting interface and I’m sold.






One response to “Limpet pools of NetNewsWire subscriptions”

  1. Kevin Burton Avatar

    Dude… you should use NewsMonster :)