Meta meta meta blogging

Metafilter is hosting one of the many discussions of the latest round of the Dave vs. Mark pissing match entrancing a tiny minority of humanity these days.
Don Park’s blog post comments section is hosting a better one (if you can ignore my double-posting there).
Scott Rosenberg has an opinion on this too.
Me, I’m chilling in humid New York. My computer is too hot. Have fun, everybody!






One response to “Meta meta meta blogging”

  1. Dave Winer Avatar

    I don’t see how it’s Dave and Mark, Christian. I think Mark on a jihad. I have stayed out of it. This debate comes up from time to time, and the same people say I shouldn’t be allowed to edit during the day. While I appreciate their point of view, it’s my weblog not theirs, and they’re not my editor, and the debate trickles out.
    Mark is reaching for every possible way to draw me into flames, but I’m not doing it. When people use my name in the middle of a flamefest, sometimes people with good intentions mistakenly assume I’m flaming too. And also some people who know I’m not participating say I am. Which group are you in?
    About “I am absolutely sure I am right” that is an invitation to dialogue. I may be sure, but that doesn’t mean I won’t listen to other points of view.
    On a personal note, since we spent many hours talking on the phone a while back, I am disappointed in where you’re at in all this. When I saw you had become a moderator of the SSF-DEV list I unsub’d. I’m not totally powerless here, and I have choices to make. I don’t have to participate if I don’t believe it’s fair.
    Christian, let’s make the blogging world better, not worse. The hits you get by encouraging flames, even feeding them, are hits that are worthless. When you try to get something done, you’ll find they don’t help. I still see you as a high-road guy even if your latest posts are really low-road stuff.