My main server down again

I love owning my own server and hosting my own site. Most of the time I love my co-location arrangement too, by which my friend and sysadmin manages the site and keep it humming. The downside of all this is that the server (a reconditioned Linux box) is located in New York while I am in Oakland.
Right now the machine seems to be offline. Not only can’t I reach my sites via my web browser (or any of the other sites hosted there), but I can’t even telnet into the box right now. I haven’t heard of another power outage or tropical storm in New York since last evening, so I have no idea what the cause is. Maybe we’ve been hit with a denial of service attack. Maybe someone tripped over a power cord, unplugging it, before going home for the weekend.
Regardless, chances are my sites won’t be back online till Monday, which suddenly makes my recently neglected, still in their free trial period, remotely hosted TypePad sites all the more enticing. Over the weekend maybe I’ll get around to uploading some more one-off photos to Mr. Spontaneous and I’ve decided to keep messing with my third TypePad site (I get three as a Plus user), taking down “Radio Free TypePadistan” and setting it up with some new name as a place to store ephemera in situations like this when I can’t get to some of my other sites. I won’t use permalinks and I’ll just park occasional posts there for later migration to the correct blog. At least that’s the idea.