Tag: errors

  • Strange blog-spam problem

    Movable Type is doing something bizarre here. I’ve got this entry, Blogging a yoga conference @ Radio Free Blogistan and it shows 19 spam comments in the counter and on the individual archive page. The spam comments are also showing up in my list of recent comments in the sidebar of RFB. Ironically, they’ve all […]

  • Lazyweb request for help with mySQL (phpwiki problem)

    Over at The Power of Many, the wiki-driven portion of the site is down because of an error of some sort in the “page” table in the mySQL database. I’m kind of stymied now and don’t know whether the error is even fixable, or if I’ll need to revert to a backup. Please drop me […]

  • Hot on the heels of ping spam comes referrer spam

    Referrer spam, by which a spam domain gets visibility on your list of incoming links, is the cutting edge of blog spam these days. Jay Allen explains how to fend it off with a perl plug-in for MT-Blacklist (MT-Blacklist/Comment Spam Clearinghouse: Using MT-Blacklist on referrer spam). Laura “limon” Lemay has another approach to staving off […]

  • Here comes the trackback spam

    First it was wiki spam over at The Power of Many and now it’s a wave of trackback spam at all of my Mediajunkie sites! (Blogistan contributors may despam recent trackbacks)

  • My main server down again

    I love owning my own server and hosting my own site. Most of the time I love my co-location arrangement too, by which my friend and sysadmin manages the site and keep it humming. The downside of all this is that the server (a reconditioned Linux box) is located in New York while I am […]

  • New York is off-line

    Suddenly I’ve noticed the charms of a hosted weblogging system, now that the New York blackout has taken my server off-line. Not sure if my sites will be up again today or not till Monday. It’s too bad, too, because I’m missing “Fair and Balanced” day on the Internet.