My TypePad address is changing

I’m still trying to decide which level of TypePad user to become, even though my heart lies with Movable Type and the rumored Pro version of that to come.
I need to find out, can I buy in at one level and lock-in the beta-tester lifetime deal, and then change my level at a later time?
Here are the issues that matter to me: I could live with just one TypePad blog (especially if allowed to upgrade later without losing discount equals true), without keywords, excerpts, and extended posts, and without moblogging (my phone isn’t a camera). I can live without postdating, but I really like the multiple authors option. This is an interface to be shared. So that’s the first strike against Basic.
Don’t care about per-post options. (They’re nice, but eh.) Search and replace is cool, but only Pros get that and I don’t use it much in MT. Custom templates are good, but Mena’s default templates and the tool for manipulating them are so cool that you really don’t need the option (especially if you can’t use plug-ins anyway). Same thing with all the markup-editing privileges.
But wait, no photo albums! Agh. That rules out Basic. Oh, plus Domain Mapping (coming soon), without which, Basic hosting violates Robb’s Law and thus is destined to function as a sort of training-wheels environment, as Blogger or Diaryland (for some, certainly, not all).
So it’s down to Plus vs. Pro.
Unlimited blogs versus 3. Well 3 is enough. I can do infinite blogs with MT already, and I don’t think TypePad is the place for my next venture. Now, a teacher on the beta list expects to make blogs for each class and probably typelists of students, etc., so that would make sense.
Again, Pro has the multiple authors feature, which is cool. I’d love to host a good group blog, but will I? And can’t I already do that with MT? (I realize installing MT is a pain and I am just narrating my own comparison and decision processes, not making universal pronouncements applicable to one and all). The template editing is nice, but it doesn’t sell me on Pro.
So it’s down the multiple author, infinite blog thing vs. up to 3 blogs, one author only. I’ll figure that out soon and see how it compares to just under $50 difference a year between Plus and Pro.
Regardless, I am going to change (if possible) my root TypePad blog URL from to I kind of like the name Linotype, and if I go for the Pro account with unlimited weblogs, maybe I’ll find a use for the name, or keep calling this blog Linotype even with the other address. Who knows! It so doesn’t matter, to me, because this is just for fun. Other people are choosing the one true name of their blog and the one ideal URL and it matters. It matters! Naming things is one of the last magic spells we have.