Category: Typepad

  • Farewell to Typepad

    Typepad is cool. I beta-tested it, I’ve been a member since 2003. But I don’t really need it. I host my own MT blogs and there’s WordPress and so on. The blogs I set up on TP to test it suffer from neglect. Recently I was reminded of TP and went to log in only […]

  • Test of Liza's trackback ping metablog

    At least at the Plus level I don’t seem to be able to tell TP to automatically ping this address for each post. I’m going to check and see if I can do it manually now.

  • Ah, moved

    This blog is now at, and it’s just a sandbox right now. If anything comes of it, I’ll point a custom domain this way ( isn’t doing much). Possible uses in mind: Photoblog. Not a Photo album, but a blog of just photos. Each entry one photo, etc. A demo blog for my Seybold […]

  • Decisions, decisions

    OK, I went for the Plus level and a year’s service. I’m still hoping to change the root URL and I’ll probably wipe the other two blogs I created for experimental purposes because I’ll only be getting three here with that level of service.

  • My TypePad address is changing

    I’m still trying to decide which level of TypePad user to become, even though my heart lies with Movable Type and the rumored Pro version of that to come. I need to find out, can I buy in at one level and lock-in the beta-tester lifetime deal, and then change my level at a later […]

  • On the first day of TypePad…

    This week Six Apart will be highlighting a different set of features every day and simultaneously lifting the limited NDA terms for beta testers with regard to those features. By the end of the week we’ll be free to talk about anything TypePad. I’ll try to post some comments about the featured features sometime today.