OK, OK, dullest blog

This one keeps showing up on my screen, so I might as well note it. The Dullest Blog in the world is a deadpan satire of inconsequential web journaling. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Yahoo’s crack crew of editors can hardly contain their mirth:

Web logs have reached critical mass and become ubiquitous on the Web. Even though a great number feature thought-provoking, interesting content, the majority of the blogs littering the Internet landscape are the ramblings of the Web’s self-proclaimed arbiters of cool. The blogger behind this endeavor, however, will not bore you with lavish descriptions of last night’s homemade spicy Bulgarian tomato soup with couscous dumplings. No, he’s crankin’ up the level of boredom to eleven. For instance, on March 18, this intrepid blogger stated “I looked at the clock and saw that it was getting very late, so I went to bed.” Not one for ambivalence, on January 3 he thought he “might do some things,” while just a week later, he made the important decision to “not to do something.” This dull diarist offers a humble yet humorous respite to the pretensions so often found in the web-logging world. A big yawning “Huzzah!” to you, sir.

We get it. We get it. You get the joke. It’s a dull weblog, right. It’s boring. Ha ha! Like they all are, or most anyway, except the well written ones but not the cool ones or the ones with pretensions, especially not the ones with pretensions to arbiting what’s cool and what isn’t on the web. No, that’s best left to highly paid professional web scourers at Yahoo. We get it.