One year in Blogistan

· Nanopublishing

Today is Radio Free Blogistan’s first birthday, or one-year anniversary, or whatever you call a blogday. I started RFB on July 25, 2002. Cheers! I’ve just added Brad Choate’s MTOnThisDay plugin and cranked it up to 11, to list all posts from the previous year on the current day (if any).
I’d like to bubble up the most popular posts, but with so much of the old traffic still going to, our old address, and hits now on the old-form Radio date and category archives and the new-style Movable Type individual, category, and monthly archives, getting my arms around the data is nearly impossible.
Instead I’ll have to do the old-fashioned editorial thing and figure out (and remember) where the traffic’s been going. By far the most popular posts are the product comparisons – they get a steady trickle of visitors. I never even made a a story to list them, and I stalled out on doing them, along with book reviews and other great ideas we’re going to see reviewed in my sidebar over the next few months.