Open question for Dave Winer

Dave, please explain to those of us who are not down with every nuance of RSS politics exactly how Six Apart is abusing the RSS spec. Thanks!

When users flame.

Movable Type users, predictably flame me for advocating a time-tested way of evolving software, explained by Don Park. In so many ways we’re hitting the reset button on old practices that worked. Embrace & Extend is respectful. Eventually SixApart will want the respect, when an upstart (or an old fart) implements something called Trackback that doesn’t work with theirs. Users, of course, don’t have to understand this. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t relevant. And one day it would be great if vendors asked their users not to flame their critics or competitors. One can hope.

This subject came up yesterday at the Jupiter conference, about transparent companies, and how that relates to weblogs. Now understand that I do not today work at UserLand, but of course I am influential there. Weblogs, it seems, are somewhat about companies speaking their truth. Some bloggers, esp Kottke, don’t get this. He often jumps on me for saying what I think. Jason, listen up. I’m supposed to say what I think. That’s what weblogs are about.

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Me on RSS? I’m still confused why the body of a blog post is called the description of a link.
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