O’Reilly as USENET-type troll

In this Blogcritis post, Stephen Silver fisks Bill O’Reilly’s “editorial” defending the Fox network’s lawsuit against Al Franken (for people outside the Instapundit orbit, fisking has come to mean interlacing a source text with refutations and rebuttals).
While scanning the article (it isn’t too hard to debunk O’Reilly’s half-baked bluster), I noticed a familiar typo:

It’s unfortunate, but in this country, if you’re successful or famous, many courts will allow defamation, slander and liable [sic] to go unpunished.

Aw, that poor, rich, famous, Bill O’Reilly. It must be so hard, when you attack people for a living, to have to deal with all the attacks… my heart bleeds.

I remembered how on USENET when trolls and busybodies would get into arguments, inevitably someone would end up being called a “looser” and someone else would be making accusations about “liable.”
There were other typos in the transcript, and it’s probably typed up by an intern or something, but it still leaves the impression of O’Reilly as a nerd-cook prone to blowing his top.