Pie blogger dinner rollcall

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I took a bunch of photos last night but most came out pretty blurry or otherwise skanky. I’ll try to crop and post some here but I expect that better photographers will come up with better shots today or this weekend.
Since I’m supposedly a writer and all Marc Canter nominated me to take down the names of people who came to the dinner. I just wrote my own name, email address, and web site URL (in this case, this blog) and passed my journal around for others to sign as they saw fit. Also, I tricked people into giving me their email addresses although there was really no need to share that information. Now I’ll post them here, heh. Just kidding.
Anyway, here’s who was here (I’ll include myself just because I know people might copy-and-paste the whole list and then where would I be if I left myself out of the historical record? … shit, some people have really sloppy handwriting! Apologies in advance for typos … It’s interesting how many gave their business URLs and not their blogs… I’m including as a link whatever people wrote – if they want a link to their blog instead, they can send me a note … notice that the names are all men – one woman, Jenn? came for the pre-dinner cocktail hour but then left. My name for this dinner is Mars Needs Women!):
Christian Crumlish, Mark Nottingham, John Beatty, Mark Graham, Dan Beldy, Jay Feinberg, Nick Chalko, Marc Canter, Kevin Burton, Sam Ruby, Phil Wolff, Don Park, Greg Reinacker, Simon Fell, Mark Pilgrim, Chris Alden, Joi Ito, Jason Shellen
Plus, didn’t sign the book but were spotted present:
Evan Williams, David Galbraith, David Sifry, Joe Gregorio, Steve Jenson, … (anyone else I missed?)
Joi has posted some photos. Yes, that is my left elbow (purple sleeve) to the right of Dave Sifry and Marc Canter in the picture of Sam Ruby and Marc.