Preserve us from red herrings!

Yet another gee whiz piece about blogging, this one predictably following up on the Google purchase of Pyra. Of course people are trying to commercialize blogging, which has mostly boostrapped itself from the grassroots thus far (mostly). There’s nothing wrong with that. But this article is breathless, it smacks of the mania that surrounded the last wave of internetworked innovation, and there’s the ex-editor (?) of the just-closed Red Herring talking about taking blogging “to the next level.”
So here’s my idea for a nanopublished niche publication a la the Denton microempire. I call it Homeboy or maybe homeBOY, and the high concept is “Good Housekeeping for guys.” We’d run articles on expanding your cooking repertoire beyond barbecue, time and task management at home, home office, stay-at-home-dad stuff.
(Check out the competition, via syrup.)