Radio silence

I’m bringing my server down for maintenance. You can only hack my home page so many times (three, to be exact) before I decide to do something about it. My sysadmin/friend/host Jeff Tiedrich will be updating our Linux install from an old Slackware version to a more recent Red Hat version said to have more robust security defenses.
Like any move, this involves some housekeeping and a little transitional downtime. I expect my sites (such as RFB, X-POLLEN, Enterzone, and others) to go dark tomorrow and to start reappearing on Friday as we get the tarballs reungzipped and put in place, and then figure out what has to be wired differently (for instance, mysql will live in a different place, which I’ll have to tell Movable Type about).
The Internet is all about always-on, 24/7 and so on, so it’s weird to say that we’ll be not broadcasting for about a day, but there you have it.

UPDATE: It looks like it actually took more than a week, so far, and we’re still not entirely shipshape. Still reattaching mysql hooks. Here the advantage of a desktop blogging tool is clear.