Radiohead's lamest album

Scot Hacker is all over the new iTunes store story, dropping wisdom on theory and practice left and right. Caveat: a man who calls OK Computer “Radiohead’s lamest album” is a man who has outgrown cannabis.






3 responses to “Radiohead's lamest album”

  1. Scot Hacker Avatar

    LOL – Quite the opposite! OK Computer is too bland to be improved by cannabis ;) On the other hand, Kid A and Amnesiac stand up without assistance…

  2. Matthew Avatar

    Gah of all gahs! Maybe it’s the order in which I’ve been introduced to Radiohead’s material (Kid A > OK Computer > Pablo Honey > Amnesiac), but I find each of their albums to be equally stupendous. Pablo Honey was the grunge-something it was supposed to be, and the feeling behind the songs (not just “Creep”) is incredible. Kid A, OK Computer, Amnesiac, and the Bends all wander into and out of and around the electric and rock genres, and the result is astounding. Maybe I’m a musical sap, but I know what I like.

  3. Scot Hacker Avatar

    I shouldn’t be so harsh. Just put on OK Computer now. It’s definitely more pop, less textured and intersesting than the others, but it’s probably going too far to say it’s bland. Just sounds to me like it was made for radio play, not for listening. But as radio pop goes, I’d take this over lots of other fish scales on the air. It’s enjoyable.