Ringside seat

· People Power

Sacramento Bee columnist has been publishing his California Insider weblog since April, but with the recall craziness, his blogged insights are especially welcome, giving us a glimpse into the chaos that is California’s governance.
One of his readers likens webloggers to courtiers, but haven’t journalists always behaved like a gossipy jockeying court, especially capital press corps?
His reader put it this way:

I’ve decided that you bloggers are like the 17th century French court: an obsessive social circle constantly calculating alliances (with other bloggers); gossipy and sometimes outrageously catty about people in power; carefully measuring the political climate, whispering rumors of beheadings; members of the highest reaches of the establishment but outsiders in an insider’s world.

I like gossip! OK, I’m out of the closet on that one now. Here’s my queston. Where’s the California Insider’s RSS feed? I guess I need to point NetNewsWire and see if it’s really-simply-discoverable.
UPDATE: Doy, I looked at the source, really simple. It’s clearly an MT template. There’s a funky and forky RSS 1.0 feed pointed to and an RSS 0.9 feed available as well.