Saddam is caught and my server is down

Hmm, TypePad munged the first few characters of my entry, turning “Boo-hoo. Biggest blog-news day of the war…” into this:
…that’s even weirder, now the munged stuff just disappeared. The post was supposed to say this:

Boo-hoo. Biggest blog-news day of the war in Iraq so far and my server that hosts most of my sites is down for maintenance. At least that gives me an excuse to come over here and poke my TypePad blog again a little. Now I forget what I was going to say…

instead it generated some weird character that now show up in my textbox as “5{gest blog-news day…” and when I reposted the entry, everything from the weird characters on disappeared entirely. Let’s see if it happens again when I post now. If it does, this will appear to be the end of the post right here.
(Update: Yes, it did indeed vanish, much like the WMD.)