The Republicans’ New England problem

There’s a lot of talk lately about the Democrats’ Southern problem — how Bush swept the South last time around, how the Democrats can’t win without the South, and how the South is sure to find any of the Democratic candidates repellent.
Why all this concern for the Democrats from big-hearted conservatives like Trent Lott and Zell “all I want for Christmas is my own show on Fox” Miller?
It doesn’t seem fair. Conservatives deserve compassion too. Why isn’t anyone worried about the Republicans’ New England problem? Their problem out West? Their problems in just about every major city?
I mean, it’s not like Bush crushed Gore in 2000. The electoral contest came down to one state — one incredibly close state. So putting aside the bottom-line issue of how the war and economy will be doing come election day, it just stands to reason that the electoral map starts out split pretty equally between the parties. They each have their strongholds. They each have their weaknesses.
But no one cares about Bush’s problems. Noooo, all anyone wants to talk about nowadays are the Democratic Party’s problems. Just another example of liberal bias in the media.
Or something like that.