Saw you with a ticketstub in your hand

untorn ticketI’m so out of it. After returning from a week and a half in New York I’m still reading The Gawker but without that same sense of immediacy (not that it matters where you are when you read about New York, and not that that prevents me from reading the Times, the Nation, the New Yorker, and so on).
So it figures I’d stumble on Matt Haughey’s latest project, Ticketstubs, a collaborative site designed to collect stories centered around or illustrated with scanned ticketstubs, only from catching up with the Gawker.
It immediately succeeds in one of those key measurements of web site liveliness: can you get your readers to contribute the content?
Maybe if I finish my homeland-security blog entry ever I can upload the movie tickets from the Orpheum where my wallet disappeared and then submit the story there.