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  • A.I. Green sings

    A.I. Green sings

    Fatal error, my core can’t detect / Discarding sectors of uncertain prospect

  • Old-school time travel

    Old-school time travel

    Privileged to read an advance draft of Martha Conway‘s stunning new novel, Thieving Forest, I was thrilled to attend her book launch party in San Francisco over the weekend. Besides the great spread of victuals and lovely wine (a champagne, a chablis, and a pinot noir) at the sadly now-closed Beast & the Hare, we also…

  • Greasing the wheels

    More throat-clearing about tools and habits.

  • Jumpstarting the flow

    The one thing I do know is that introducing even a mild amount of a toxin to an organism triggers a reaction designed to protect sensitive surfaces and vulnerable processes. Lubricants flow. The nose runs. The bowels stir. The coffee, the cigarette do their work. The flow needs spice.

  • write prompt

    my old enterzone pal Martha Conway has been tweeting things lately with hashtags like #writeprompt and #10minprompt and #amwriting. i love this! i want to play, so i just tweeted “The one thing I do know is…”

  • Not my longest blogging drought yet

    Stay tuned for more regular writingses.