Seed packet poetry

Please Plant This Book

Andrew Stafford, who helped us make sense of Duchamp and put Aspen magazine online, tells me he has now produced a version of Richard Brautigan’s Please Plant This Book, a collection of poems in the form of a collection of seed packets. Stafford’s tasteful minimal animation provides a comfortable interface for browsing these contemplative and hopeful sprinklings of words.

Here’s my current favorite.


I thank the energy, the gods and the
theater of history that brought
us here to this very moment with
this book in our hands, calling
like the future down a green and
starry hall

Despite the sense in which the book is not in my hands, the seed packets are colored slips, and there’s very little green about the notebook computer I viewed the book with and am writing this on now, I’m glad Stafford has figured out a way to plant the book in this new context.






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  1. sylvia Avatar

    I want some of those seed packets please