Stealth PBS program on blogging

Doc has the skinny on the upcoming PBS Mediamatters show on weblogging:

PBS says it will run a feature on blogging in mediamatters on Thursday. Glenn sez he can’t get it in Knoxville. Hmm… I’ll betcha he could find something if he has an outdoor antenna (and doesn’t depend only on cable). I see no less than four PBS signals around Knoxville: WKOP/15&17 and WJSK/2&41. But… it’s not on any of them (which all appear to be one station anyway). Well… he might get WUNF/33 from Asheville, which radiates from Mt. Pisgah and has line-of-sight into parts of Knoxville. But… looks like UNC-TV doesn’t carry it, either.

Let’s see… It should be on the PBS feed that comes with many folks’ DishTV and DirecTV lineups. But… Here’s PBS’s Thursday/Jan 16 lineup, and the program isn’t there.

Is this program being carried at all, anywhere?

Well, the video clip works, and it features Glenn, Oliver, Anil and Megan. The text says Blogging: Is it Punditry? Is it journalism? Is it important?
Maybe they spent too much time around Oliver’s kryptonite.

[Later…] Gerry Humphrey give us the rundown on various times the show should be airing in different places, including Knoxville, and how to easily find the info.

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