'Sushi options' memo frenzy

· Nanopublishing

Back in September, my news aggregator page, Mediajunkie, picked up a link to a Gawker entry on a sushi memo being faxed and emailed around New York. A real-life (or fake?) parody of lawyerly lingo.
Over a month later, the tale has made it into the New York Times, leading who knows how many people to search Google for “Paul Weiss sushi memo” and variations on that query. Such a search turns up the Gawker entry as a first result but also includes Mediajunkie as the second result, even though MJ is currently a robotically controlled news repeater with no editorial judgement or commentary involved at all (aside from which feeds to repost).
The end result is that my MJ sites now have nearly 1000 hits this morning, almost all of them from Googlers looking for more info on the sushi memo. It’s nice to get the traffic, but it’s all reflected glory, since at best MJ is a good way to find the Gawker article, which is already available from the same types of searches.