Table of Contents (administrivia)

Because the Log Entry Titles page is static, I have to republish it from time to time to refresh it. I’m sure there’s a way to automate this but it’s probably not drool-proof so here I am manually reposting it whenever it occurs to me.
It’s kind of cool to see all the titles for all the blog entries (that have had titles), but I think I need to get the useless calendar off that page and render the fonts larger.
I’ve also finally gotten around to updating the salonika home page, add RSSboxes for the other Salon blogs, especially those with categories devoted to the community. I added “before/after” links as well to the day template to make navigating back through the category easier.
I expect something will come out screwy, so I’ll probably be tweaking and reposting till I get it right.
In the meantime, I’ve stopped using the multiauthor tool to automatically aggregate Salon bloggers’ salonika contributions. The problems with the way Radio’s aggregator encodes and unencodes special characters led to endless busy work or unreadable entries, offensive to the eye and unfair to the contributors. I’m hoping the RSS boxes showing seven recent entries will provide enough of an accompaniment to my own humble category posts.
UPDATE: OK. Some are too wide for the left column. I’ve tried splitting the table cell for the body text and having the feeds run down the right-hand side. Next I am going to look up RSSbox again with Google and figure out how to truncate the excerpts, get rid of the bullets, smoot the formatting, etc.