Ten years of public blather

Today marks the tenth anniversary of my first post to Usenet (May 11, 1993). I actually posted four times that day, all to rec.music.gdead. None of the posts are especially memorable (though one gives a fair idea of my other favorite bands of that time), but I still find it noteworthy to mark the passing of ten years of writing in public on the Internet.
There’s a little break after that (anyone who cares can search Google groups for my email address at the time, xian@netcom.com, now defunct) before I started posting in earnest. Other groups I frequented then included alt.history.what-if, alt.mythology, and alt.sex.masturbation (where I posted what I think is my first amusing post, a joke about a common misspelling). I was also doing a lot of lurking in rec.music.bluenote and rec.music.beatles.
Oh, and then there’s my first flame.