Test of Archipelago

This XML-RPC stuff is pretty cool. It looks like I could use Archipelago for Radio, MovableType, and Blogger blogs (though I’m planning to migrate the Blogger blogs to either Radio or MT or pMachine or whatever the moment I overcome inertia). This would render kung-log obsolete for me, I suppose.
Recently I made a chart of the blogging and RSS tools I’m using (but excluding outside web development, media editing, and writing tools. It’s insanely complicated, but that’s mainly because no one system does everything I need, and I don’t have the chops (yet) to roll my own from scratch.
I will either scan my sketch or turn it into a powerpoint slide or something. I call it the Radio Free Blogistan network and it somewhat resembles an Ourobouros snake eating its own tail.
UPDATE: It looks like I may need to use the MetaWeblog API interface if I want to get titles onto my entries through Archipelago.
Also, I haven’t got it talking to Movable Type yet, something kung-log does with ease, of course.