The emperor’s new subcontract

I know this war can’t be about control of oil, and we’re supposed to look past Dick Cheney’s revolving-door history from first gulf war to Halliburton, where his contacts in the gulf came in somewhat handy, back into the government in time fo rthe next gulf war and hey, look, if it isn’t ol’ Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg Brown & Root (cf. LBJ’s long history with Brown & Root as depicted in Robert Caro’s biographical series) rushing into Iraq to help put out them oil fires, fresh off the deals to build prison cells down in Gitmo.
For the ooooooil minded, here’s the shorter yesterday’s New York Times (login mediajunkie, password mediajunkie):

Bush, Pleased by Progress, Tries to Lower Expectations
“Tommy Franks put a plan in place that moved on those oil fields quickly, and at least in the south, they are secure,” Mr. Bush said.

But nobody seems to mind Richard Perle’s side-deals, so I guess the appearance that Cheney engages in influence-peddling will pass from the headlines with no visible consequences.