The feeling of vacation

“Are you going to do any blogging when you’re here?” my friend S asked me. I told him probably not. Maybe I’ll upload some digital pix from around town or from the crowds (or stage shots) at Fest.

But I did have to get online to send a file I had been unable to send last night, and sure enough I had to check out BoingBoing, which led me to read about the TypePad news at the Guardian and then Mena’s discussion of milestones at the Six Log.

Next I wanted to see how the right-wing blogosphere was spinning the news from southern Iraq (ignoring it as far as I can tell), and the next thing you know I’m over at BuzzMachine catching up on the news about Sina Motallebi. And so on.

But the air feels different here in New Orleans, and I slept over ten hours last night, and works seems far away, and I keep letting out these deep sighs. I’m on vacation and my body knows it. I feel it deep down. I may blog, I may not, especially once Fest gets going, but I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do.